“Good with Everything” Cream Cheese Frosting

NOTE: This frosting is not recommended for those who are going to AA.  My “secret ingredient” is half a shot of booze sometimes in addition to vanilla, sometimes in lieu of the vanilla.

This has become my go-to frosting recipe.  It’s simple, quick, and hard to mess up.  Most recently it complimented a Trader Joe’s Bourbon Vanilla Cake, which I frosted and then loaded up the top with a pound of fresh raspberries and a small sprinkle of dried blueberries.  Unfortunately, the cake was devoured before pictures could be taken.

The biggest problems I’ve had in following this recipe has been lumpy frosting because I forgot to take butter out of the fridge early enough for it to soften properly. Vodka also isn’t as sweet of a spirit, and I think the time I used a splash of it, I also added triple sec to “balance it out.”  This recipe is also the quintessential example of the fact that I judge “by feel” rather than strict adherence to measurements.


  • 1 stick of butter, room temperature
  • 1 package of cream cheese, softened
  • 1 cup-2 cups confectioners sugar
  • Dash of vanilla
  • Dash of liquor-such as  whiskey, spiced rum, regular rum, vodka, or triple sec


  1. Using hand or stand mixer, beat the butter for like 30 seconds.
  2. Add in the cream cheese and mix both together until smooth.
  3. Shake in as much confectioners sugar as you like.  I eyeball this part and guess that I use maybe about a cup total.
  4. Pour in the dash of vanilla and also around a half shot of whatever booze you have on hand.  Last time I made it, I used mid-shelf whiskey.  On different occasions I’ve used vodka or rum or whatever.
  5. Blend all the ingredients together until smooth.  Adjust sugar to taste.
  6. Enjoy! Frost a cake or eat it out of the bowl, whatever your fancy.

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