CSA: Parker Farm

Any post tagged “Parker Farm CSA” indicates that I made the dish featuring food stuffs that I got in my farm share.   For those not in the know, I’m going to explain a little about what a CSA is and also plug my farmer, Steven Parker of Parker Farm, Lunenburg, MA.

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.”  How it works is a farmer creates a number of “shares” which are available for purchase typically in the fall before they worry about ordering seeds.  A share consists of an expected return in produce.  My share is 20 weeks of pick-ups on a designated day from a designated location, with each weekly share consisting of 7-10 different items, dictated by the local harvest season.   There’s plenty online that does a better job of explaining what a CSA is and how it works, like this article on LocalHarvest.org, and wikipedia’s entry.

All my veggies are compliments of Parker Farm, a one-man farming operation (he sometimes has a few hired helpers) founded in 1990 by Steven Parker out in Lunenburg, MA.

Here’s some veggie porn:

The bounty I picked up August 11th

A quick search of farmfresh.org indicates that there are now tons of CSAs available in the Boston area. My selection of which farmer to go with was dictated by: price, shareholder satisfaction and opinion, pick-up location, and availability.  Some shares have wait lists.  My specific farmer’s story helped clinch the deal.

Steven Parker currently works 35 acres of land up in Lunenburg, MA.  He got his start in the farming biz 19 years ago, having gotten sick of his previous life as a heavy metal musician (although he’s gotten back into music playing in Steve the Farmer and The Murder Balladeers).  After learning the ins-and-outs from other farmers, he cut his teeth cultivating a few rented acres, and now offers delicious produce cultivated on his small piece of acreage to several hundred people in the Boston area through farmers markets and his loyal CSA supporters.

There’s no bull or frills to his outfit, which is part of what I like.  Every week, you learn of what you’ll get hours before the drop off via a post on his face book page. If you want a pretty newsletter with recipe suggestions every week, this is not where to go.   If you want great fresh food, and lots of it, Steve’s your man.


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