The Perils of Bad Habits

Ages ago I made the muffins pictured above.  They were pretty delicious and I was eager to share the recipe.  Unfortunately, I assembled the recipe for these muffins the way I assemble most of my recipes: I scoured the internet for ideas, wrote several variations of muffin recipes scribbled on a scrap of paper, and, as I mixed up the batch, I made modifications, picking and choosing different ingredients from different recipes.  Since I’m now trying to share my recipes through this blog, I’m sure I circled what I ended up doing and scribbled notes about my changes on this scrap of paper.  These scraps end up looking a lot like this:

A typical example of my sloppy recipe notes

Since these often illegible scraps of paper accumulate battle scars of water damage, grease smudges, and food splotches in the process of creating the recipe they are easily mistaken for trash and may make it there before they make it to my computer.  I’ve been trying to modify my habits but it is easy to fall back into old patterns.  Hopefully, the random bit of paper that holds the secret to recreating the chocolate almond chunk muffins pictured above will be found.  If not, I may try to create a new recipe based on my same basic formula of one part inspiration to one part improvisation, and will do better at keeping track of the documentation of the process and results.


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