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Rod Dee and El Pelon are Back!

Many moons ago, a dear friend lived on Queensbury Street in the Fenway hood of Boston. She had a victory garden in the fens and the Linwood (now closed) was our surrogate living room where we’d gather several times a week for beers after gardening or a work out at the YMCA. And El Pelon was our delicious go to burrito joint just up a block on the parallel Peterborough Street. It was tucked in a little strip of eateries called Restaurant Row.

One year my husband and I got anniversary sushi at Umi and took it to the Hall’s Pond Sanctuary in Brookline to eat. Rod Dee Thai served up a mean pad thai. I didn’t try the other places, like Thorntons, which is a clean modern sports bar. Sadly, the whole strip of restaurants disappeared after a devastating fire left their insides charred and smoke stained. After years of squabbling over whether to rehab the space or erect a new building from scratch, the matter was finally settled: restaurant row would return. It still took forever, however, to happen.

El Pelon was the first back in business. It has been open over a month now, but I just thought of it and wanted to send a shout out. All their menu items were and are delicious. I have tried many of their items so I know this for a fact. The eatery has a tiny little interior which consists of a few cozy tables and stool seats alongside a wall that are usually all full. In warm months, their seating expands to outdoor picnic tables. There’s often a line.

Rod Dee just opened again next door to El Pelon. They opened so recently they haven’t gotten around to adding this location back to their website. D and I devoured their pad thai this past Monday. It is still delicious and puts other local places to shame.

I recommend all in the Boston area to head down to Peterborough Street in the Fenway neighborhood to check these restaurants out.


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One of my favorite food blogs

One of my go to food blogs for inspiration and ideas is Simply Recipes. It’s been around for a number of years. Started by Elise Bauer, some of the recipes come from her circle of foodie friends, each with their own delicious specialty area. Hank Shaw is the game man, who can explain how to forage your own mushrooms to cook up with the duck you just shot. Gareth will make a cupcake or other dessert so scrumptious looking that you want to forgo dinner so you can eat a whole freshly baked cake instead.

Her site is also great because she’s taken the time to index her recipes by major ingredient and categorizes everything a bit like a cookbook. At least once a week or so a new recipe appears. This woman is after my own heart and sometimes I think she’s peeked into my kitchen. The other week a garlic knot recipe was posted and I couldn’t help exclaiming (add in a little giddy girly squeal) “I just made garlic knots! We’re thinking of the same yummy things!”

I haven’t been cooking up anything new as of late. My recent meals consist of homemade pizzas, bowls of cereal, cheese and lettuce sandwiches, and other things too boring to blog about (save the garlic knots, which I may get to soon). If you’re planning anything for the Superbowl, Simply Recipes has a few great ideas for snacks to serve up.

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