About the Kitchen Master

From a mostly bread and potatoes girl I’ve become a gourmand. I believe it started when I was 16 or 17 years old and finally ate my first peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Before then, I wasn’t just finicky, I defined finicky eater.  Peanut butter and jelly were a gross combination in my young palate; I ate jelly only sandwiches.  From there,  the expansion of my tastes snowballed.  I now will try vegetables I’ve never even heard of or seen before, and often end up loving them.  Yet, I’m still particular about my tastes.

Predicting what I will or won’t eat, or will or won’t make boils down to a complex algorithm that requires factoring in a million nonsense contingencies.  Therefore, while it’s too complicated for me to explain in full,  I will give a few highlights so you can know what to expect from my recipes.

For the most part, I don’t like anything that comes from the sea.  Although, I will eat some mild white fish and seaweed (in sushi maki roll form) when eating out.  I don’t like regular sushi, and eat only the vegetarian kinds.  I’ll eat meat, but frequently don’t want it, decide it’s not up to my standards, or go through several month long phases where I’m not interested.  Of the once living and breathing variety, I stick to chicken, turkey, beef (only in steak form-no burgers for me), and venison in extenuating circumstances.  I’ve done pork chops before and love bacon, but the thought of pigs with boils on their rears (from a anti-meat movie I saw) grosses me out from it most of the time.  I get a CSA share from Parker Farm in Lunenburg MA, so my recipes (at least for the 20 weeks of deliveries) are heavily contingent on what’s in my share.

Thus, my recipes will be largely vegetarian, some chicken and some steak dishes, nothing will be made with ground meat, and 70% of the time my ingredients will be of the organic, good for you, all natural ingredient, whole grain, locally farm grown variety.  I’m not a purist in any form though, and I’m not strictly labeled into any foodie category.


One response to “About the Kitchen Master

  1. Nastasia

    You have really stepped out of the box here with these recipes and coming from your childhood bestie who witnessed your pickyness. I’d have to say you are more open minded and I see you have a knack for cooking. You never cease to amaze me and you really have been an inspiration for me to explore new avenues in my own life. Keep on being the amazing person you are.

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